Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Analytics for FWA Management

Fluent Analytics Fraud Waste and Abuse

Fraudulent claims in the U.S. carry a heavy price tag. Billions of dollars of fraudulent claims pass through the U.S Healthcare system every year. Fluent Analytics uses BI Tools and Anti-Fraud best practices to assist in uncovering of fraudulent claims, and provides robust solutions to detect where fraud is coming from.

Of the range of solutions that have been utilized by the larger Anti Fraud Industry, healthcare organizations are migrating from the 'pay and chase' method of detecting and recovering fraud, waste and abuse (FWA), to a more practical and refined model, which prioritize and enhance prevention. The strong belief is that effective use of more advanced data-sets and analytic technologies at the beginning of the process of reimbursement can supply the necessary security that the U.S. healthcare industry now requires to lessen FWA.