Our Story

Fluent Analytics is a data analytics consulting firm focused solely on the healthcare industry. Our goal is to empower customers to improve the quality of their services, maximize revenue, and contain costs.

We deliver custom tailored solutions that extract meaningful use from data, guiding our clients in developing quantitative, data-driven decision making processes that realize measurable results.

Our Vision

To create order and insight from the complex morass of our clients’ data, and provide to them the tools to improve the quality of their healthcare services at a lower cost.

Our Mission

  • To provide the utmost professional and relative solutions in healthcare data analytics.
  • Identify the true results of how analytics can assist with everyday healthcare issues.
  • Uncover decision making information from data.
  • Provide expert data driven insight to improve healthcare organizations' decision making.
  • To uncover and identify all information from healthcare data.

Our Principals


Our communication with our clients reflects the outcomes of their data. We provide unbiased results and stay agnostic to each project that we work on.

Clearly Defined Results

Throughout the multiple stages and deliverables that we provide to our clients, we provide clarity, organization, and results driven outcomes that our clients and now use to move forward with running their organization with more analytic and data driven methodologies.

Leadership First

Because of the selective process we utilize in choosing projects, we make sure that each project is lead by our data scientist whose qualifications, experience and skill set match the client's data set and objectives.

Measurable results

Working with healthcare data is complex. Fluent Analytics prepares and provides clients with the detailed data reports and decisive information that is needed.

Experience that matters

We provide high levels of service while delivering world class results to our clients. Our broad healthcare analytics experience and customized approach enable our clients to achieve their clinical and financial goals.